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If you're young, you may only know about porn in audio and video form, but there was a time when it took way too long to download a porno video to your computer, and if you were shy, you didn't want to have to go to the back room of a video store and come out with a stack of VHS tapes of movies that you were going to watch for 20 minutes, rewind, and then return to the store, without even knowing how it ended. Sex stories and letters were once a very popular form of transmitting sexual stories. Shakespeare wrote some pretty rude sonnets back in the day even.

There's a lot to be said about why some people still have a often spot in their hearts for the online sex story, and that they'll never fully convert to watching porn videos, camgirls, or masturbating to naked pictures. Sex stories are losing some shine because of porn videos. This directory of the best online sex stories will hopefully change the way you look at them. Let's take a look at some of the earliest forms of online sex story exchanges, and what it could mean to the future.


Things Move Faster Now

Back before everyone had a high speed internet account, there was a huge problem with downloading high definition video of sex. Heck, even a high res JPEG took sometimes up to five minutes to download. Images of naked women would load slowly on our screens. Line by line. Slowly revealing the next sliver of her body. Often you would just stop the image load after the boobs were fully loaded, because that was at least something to look at.

It was a strange time for technology and how it intersected with our sex lives.

But even with those limitations, there was still a global desire to have some sort of internet porn. It's a funny idea that even though the broadband that we associate with the requirements of pornography just weren't available, we figured out a way to get around it. We just left text files all over the internet. On online bulletin board systems, and usenet groups. Text didn't take very long to send or download, but if you were a skilled enough writer, you could paint just as sexy a picture of a beautiful young exchange student wanting to thank you for letting her stay with you. Conveniently when your wife was out with her friends of course.

In the real world, men were used to reading a few of the articles in their gentlemen's magazines like Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, and Juggs, but the idea of swapping dirty stories with people across the globe became suddenly of great interest to most men who were early adopters of the internet, and who had the whole internet to themselves before the majority of the world hopped on and made it the dumpster fire that it can be on sites like Twitter.

These same men, while not very often married, did occasionally have wives who were fans of Harlequin romance novels, so were into very similar types of things, without connecting the two. Once writers and fans of romance novels found themselves on the internet, the possibility of sending sex stories through the wires that they still didn't fully understand was very exciting. They could easily type out some of their favorite poets, or they could even write their own stories and send them out anonymously. It was freeing in ways they hadn't experienced with showing their artwork to other people before.


Secret Lives

The internet from the beginning has always been a place where peole who feel less than at ease in social situations, could relax to a certain point, and put forth an image of who they felt like they were, but that was always crushed or at least reduced by some sort of social anxiety when someone would make fun of their looks, or the way they spoke.

The internet removed the face of the person, and the voice. The only things that remained were the actual words, thoughts, and stories that a person could share. It was a bit of a Cyrano de Bergerac situation, where these people who in real life were perhaps shunned for not being traditionally attractive, or who really doubled down on their jokes when they didn't get a laugh at work. Now that they could sit in front of their computer, and an element of shallow judgement was removed, they could shine.

Many men and women began to write sex stories to keep themselves occupied, and also, as a way to see if they had any talent at writing. They've said that "sex sells" for the longest time, so if you were going to try your hand at writing, you may as well try your hand at writing sex.

Women traditionally wrote more poetic and romantic stories, and took queues from the romance novels that they had grown up on. Men, not wanting to spend as much time on their stories, and also wanting to use more jocular and crude language, would write sex stories that closer resembled the letters column from Hustler.


50 Shades of Grey

You might be aware of the fact that "50 Shades of Grey" was originally written in another form, as a short online story called "Master of the Universe" by author EL James (who was using the name Snowqueens Icedragon as their pseudonym). We swear that's true. The low cost of writing a story is one of the most appealing parts of writing your work for the internet. The book of course went on to become a enormous success, selling millions upon millions of copies, but there's no way to distribute that many copies initially without first building up your audience through the internet.

The books are also being adapted into major motion pictures. Think about the costs involved with making films. James would never have been able to make them as films first (even though they've made millions of dollars). The ideas needed to be put to "paper" without any significant financial risk before the movie studio agreed to make the films.

These types of success stories seem to feed into a lot of dreams to break into the writing industry. Writers feel like the internet is the answer to all of their problems, without having to do much more past uploading their work to the web, and sending out a few tweets to promote it.


Amateur Hour

There are also lots of amateur writers who just love that they can write a short story (erotic or not), and other aspiring writers will read it and give them feedback because they also have that same passion. Many of the sex story sites that we've found and listed in this massive directory have over 50,000 stories, and thousands of authors contributing to the conversations. These are wonderful conversations about literature. Maybe it's not always Dickens, but it doesn't have to be. Being creative is a powerful outlet, and if the internet empowers some people do do so, it's a great thing.

There are countless examples of artists who die without having ever shown their work to anyone, or without having been able to have someone give them the 2 minutes it would take to look at it, even if it's genius. The internet gives that feedback. It may not always be professional book publishers, but its exercising a muscle, and the more these online communities of sex writers talk about their own work and the work of others, they better equipped they are to discuss writing with other people who perhaps have higher education, or who wouldn't expect to have a meaningful conversation about how to craft an effective sex story without being crass, but still being risque enough to send the bloodflow to different parts of the reader's body.


Pornogaphic Movies

There are also a lot of people who just aren't fans of the porn industry. They don't understand how anyone acting or making a porno movie could ever be doing it out of anything but desperation or manipulation. There's also just the often seen toxic masculinity that's involved in many sex scenes.

Reading and writing sex stories is a great way to still have that sexy outlet for sexual arousal, but not dealing with your complicated feelings that you have with the adult film industry, and everyone who's involved with it. You can create full "movies" without ever putting an actual actor or actress in what you see as an uncomfortable position.

You're also completely freed up from the physical limitations of a low budget porn cast and crew. There's no arguing that most porn actors and actresses aren't winning any Oscars. But if a writer writes a sex story featuring Meryl Streep, that porn (in text form) CAN star Meryl Streep in an Oscar winning performance that just includes a little more T&A than you would normally expect Meryl to be okay with.


Talking Sex

It's also just a bit of a lost art. We used to be able to talk about sex all the time, because it was all we had. We didn't have an endless supply of pornography at our fingertips. Back in high school, we'd talk about all of the guys and girls we hooked up with, and what it was like. Because we didn't know yet. These early conversations were important to the way we learned about sex, and it has often stuck with us into our later years.

There's still something special about being able to describe the softness of heft of a girl's breasts rather than just seeing a picture of them like many kids these days do. They don't need to think back to their memories of what their new girlfriend looks like naked, because they have naked pictures of her on their phone. It's a big difference in the way we engage with sex and our bodies. It's a bit of a stretch, but we think not by much.

When it comes to being able to use our words when it comes to sex, we're also seeing that having direct conversations about consent is a problem for a lot of young people. By writing about sex, or reading sex stories, they can become more comfortable with it all, and sex can be a more comfortable experience for everyone involved. Online Sex Stories Directory

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The Best Online Sex Stories Directory -

Sex stories are losing some shine because of porn videos. This directory of the best online sex stories will hopefully change the way you look at them.

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