The Best General Sex Stories Directory -

The Best General Sex Stories Directory - has more than just "neat" stories. It has some of the wildest general sex stories on this list. Check them out and tell us we're not right.

You won't believe what happens in "A Mother's Naughty Negligee" by Samantha Poisson!

  • Presented in the very basic and bland blog format that many sex story sites are, these stories have to be good in order to make up for the bland presentation
  • Online since 2012, has made thousands of readers horny since it was launched is full of sex stories that maybe aren't actually perfect, but if they happened to us, we certainly wouldn't complain.

Sometimes the sexiest sex story is the most general one. As is the case in "Sex With My Naughty Girlfriend"!

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  • The web masters are so thoughtful that they've included a link to sexual enhancement sites in case you're in need of them to get your sex life up to that perfect goal is a great collection of sex videos and general sex stories.

Read free sex stories like "Sleeping Pleasure" now!

  • Lots of wonderful sex story writers use YourLust as a way to get their erotic fiction out in front of an audience of other people who prefer to read their porn
  • Search through their tags for stories about more specific types of sex if "general sex story" is a little to bland for you


EroticStories has more sex stories than you'd probably expect from the site when you saw its URL, but it's truly impressive.

Two of the best sex stories on the site are "Anita the Whore is Back!" and "Dad's Humiliation"

  • A bit of a sloppy presentation but there's enough hardcore pictures to offset the ugliness of the site's design, and then the stories offset the rest
  • No need for membership to access stories is a collection of erotic fan fiction featuring all of our favorite characters from pop culture.

One of the site's best sex stories features Harley Quinn, the girlfriend of Batman's most notorious rival, the Joker. Check out "Harley Quinn: Gotham City Whores" to see why.

  • If you're a fan of reality TV, you can even find some general sex stories written about some of the most popular contestants
  • You can sign up for membership, but most of the site's content is available for free anyway is a small sex story site that has a lot of stories for a fairly general (leaning straight male) audience.

Check out sexy stories like "I Miss His Nine Inches"

  • Hasn't had any new stories added since 2010, but the sheer number of sex stories that users submitted in its heyday keep it relevant to this day
  • Many stories are broken up into searchable tags like "Older Woman", "Sex in Bed," and "Thanksgiving


PSILoveYou is a general sex story page, that seems to have been infiltrated by emo horn dogs at some point. Their story titles speak of deep loss, rather than deep penetration.

Read the sex story, "Sad Beautiful Tragic", but be sure to have a tissue or two (depending on how it goes).

  • A completely free and membership-less sex story site
  • Filled with user-submitted writings, the quality isn't quite as high as other amateur sites we've seen before is one of the best known cam sites but their sex stories are also very good.

Are you ticklish? Check out the sex story "Ticklish Feet & Cumming"!

  • A huge collection of general sex stories that can be sorted or searched by category, keyword, date, and more
  • The site's membership is very active in discussing the stories published to the site is an initiative to promote the confidence to have casual sex without feeling shame. By sharing their casual sex stories, the organizers and its followers are helping reduce slut shaming.

Users submit their own hot sex stories, bravely, and often under their own name.

  • Free to use but joining the membership will offer more benefits than not is a hipster news outlet, but hipsters love a good sex story, so they find themselves out in the field more often than they might have expected, coving the kinkier parts of the world.

Check out the great article on High School Urban Sex Legends like the hot dog girl!

  • Vice does high quality production and writing very well
  • These stories aren't quite as truly sexy as you may be looking for

The Best General Sex Stories Directory -

Finding great general sex stories can be a chore. Don't worry about it though. has done the research and made a directory to save you time.

The Best General Sex Stories Directory -