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The Best Fan Fiction Sex Stories Directory - has a massive collection of fan fiction sex stories that you absolutely must check out

Thousands of Harry Potter sex stories at the click of your mouse!

  • covers just about every type of pop culture that you might want to read a sex story about, from anime, to TV, to books, video games, plays, and more
  • Simple website that lets the words of its stories speak for it is the internet's largest community for readers and writers, so isn't exclusively fan fiction sex stories, but the ones it has are hot.

Skip the normie categories and go straight for the sex stories!

  • Millions of users submit and read stories to WattPad
  • If you want a great interface to read fan fiction on the go, Wattpad has an app
  • Follow and rate your favorite authors


ArchiveOfOurOwn is a wonderful community for fans and writers of fan fiction, which of course includes a lot of dirty sex stories with your favorite characters in the middle of them.

Dream up a pop culture sex story scenario, and you'll find it here!

  • ArchiveOfOurOwn covers all the usual bases, but also features stories based on celebrities and bands
  • Another site that trusts the words to do the talking for them, and doesn't rely on lots of sexy images is a more general sex story site, so you might have to dig a little deeper to find the fan fiction. It's there though!

Take a sex story quiz to find out what you would look like if you were a cartoon character!!

  • A wide variety of sex stories
  • Not the easiest to navigate site, but lots of great content regardless
  • Fans of Harry Potter sex stories will love it


Adult-FanFiction is one of the best collections of fan fiction sex stories written by aspiring erotic writers.

Join one of the biggest communities of erotic fan fiction sex stories today!

  • The sex stories on this site are so hot, it requires age verification when you visit
  • The community is so in love with the stories on offer that they donate each month to cover hosting costs
  • Also features a message board to meet people on is a very popular website where artists upload their work for the community to enjoy and share. Thankfully some of that work includes fan fiction sex stories.

You don't have to be a deviant to enjoy the sex stories on DeviantArt, but it doesn't hurt!

  • You're going to find more visual work here than you are sex stories, but variety is the spice of life
  • Follow artists whose work you like is a site dedicated to television tropes, and sometimes deals with sex stories. If you dig deep enough you'll find some great ones.

Find out if you can identify the sex story tropes in your favorite television shows!

  • Easy to navigate site
  • Acts as a sort of Wiki for people looking for information about the tropes that are found in popular TV shows
  • Turn spoilers on or off so that you don't ruin any surprises
reddit.com_r_fanfiction is the internet's largest online community, with subreddits dedicated to every type of subject. You'll find lots of great fan fiction sex stories in their Fan Fiction group.

Help decide what gets seen, by upvoting your favorite sex stories!!

  • You probably already have an account, so easy to subscribe
  • Give gold to your favorite authors to let them know you appreciate their sex stories is sex story paradise for horny fans of the Harry Potter books.

Wave your wand around, and read sex stories starring Harry and all of his wizard friends!

  • You've grown up since you read the Harry Potter books, so it's only right that they should grow up as well
  • J.K. Rowlings would blush if she read some of these stories
  • Easy to navigate, and full of great content is a massive archive of erotic fan fiction. You'll find sex stories featuring almost any character you can think of.

Find out how deep Catwoman really has her claws into Batman, in the site's extensive collection of comic book sex stories!

  • Bare-bones but full of great content
  • One of the easiest to browse sex story websites around
  • Even your mom and dad's favorite old-timey TV shows have erotic stories written about them

The Best Fan Fiction Sex Stories Directory -

Are you looking for fan fiction sex stories online? has you covered with ten sites of the hottest sex stories that are sure to drive you wild.

The Best Fan Fiction Sex Stories Directory -