The Best Free Sex Stories Directory --

The Best Free Sex Stories Directory -


NeatStories is a tremendous collection of free sex stories that are submitted by people all around the world.

These are some of the hottest sex stories you'll ever read. And they're free!

  • A great collection of sexy stories to read for free, like "A Shower to Remember"
  • Search for sex stories by clicking on category tags
  • If you're particularly interested in incest stories involving mothers and sons or fathers and daughters, you'll love this collection has a great collection of some of the hottest sex stories you can find for free on the internet. Save your pennies, without having to give up your beloved sex stories.

Great sex stories in both English and Hindi!

  • Read sex stories like "My Friends Mother Sheena & Her Desires" for absolutely free
  • Search by keywords that fit your kinks and desires
  • Subscribe to their newsletter to get stories straight to your inbox is a great site if you're looking for sex videos, but their free sex stories are our favorite.

Read free sex stories like "That's My Italian Stud" now!

  • Lots of great creative fiction writers with a knack for the sexy submit their work here
  • Search through their tags for stories about Gang Bangs, Anal, and so much more
  • Check out their porn videos when you're done reading


EroticStories under-sells the hotness of its stories with its name. Some of the hottest stories we've ever read are here.

You won't be able to just read one of the free sex stories!

  • Easy to browse tag functionality
  • Each story is accompanied by a sexy picture to help you imagine the characters in the stories you read
  • Story subjects range from incest to beastiality stands for Television Sex Stories Archive, and is full of fan fiction for adults.

All of your favorite Film and TV characters are getting it on in these free sex stories!

  • Sexy fanfic based on classic television series like All In the Family and I Dream of Jeanie, to modern day comedies like Big Bang Theory
  • Easy to browse site, divided by subjects
  • Read hot sex stories like "Smallville: Bisexual Youth" is a no frills site full of hot sex stories

Read about sexual hole-in-ones in stories like "Adventures on the Golf Course"!

  • No matter what kind of story you're looking for, this site will have it
  • It's not fancy, but the writing is some of the hottest fiction you can get for free
  • Stories are rated so you can know how hot the link you're clicking is


PSILoveYou is a collection of sex stories that leans towards the more poetic side of things.

Have you ever thought about how poetry is the original sex story?

  • The writers at PS I Love You take some of the hottest sex scenarios, and turn them into beautiful turns of phrase
  • Find poems about a wide array of different types of sex
  • Each link tells you how long it will take you to read is best known as a Cam site but their collection of free sex stories is amazing.

Ever had blue balls? Check out "Desperate to Release" for some relatable content!

  • A huge collection of hot sex stories that can be searched by category, keyword, date, and more
  • Get yourself worked up by reading some of the hot stories, then check out their cam girls and guys
  • Has an active comments section to discuss the stories is a hot free sex stories site focused on stories about casual sex.

No strings attached! These sex stories are only interested in the physical!

  • Over 120 pages full of the great casual sex stories
  • Focused on real sex stories rather than fiction
  • Meet the site's team on their "Team" page
  • If you're a writer and looking for a great spot to submit your own sex stories accepts reader submissions every day is known as a hipster news source, but it has some smoking hot sex stories too.

A great collection of sex stories like "Porn Stars Share Their Most Embarrassing Sex Stories"!

  • If you're reading the site at work, it tells you which stories are NSFW, and which ones you can sneak in while you're in the office
  • Sex journalism more than erotic fiction
  • Great an professional website

The Best Free Sex Stories Directory --

Are you looking for the hottest sex stories on the internet? has you covered with ten sites of free sex stories that are sure to drive you wild.

The Best Free Sex Stories Directory --