The Best Celebrity Sex Stories Directory - has a whole category dedicated to celebrity sex stories, along with an extensive collection of other great stories.

Read sex stories about your favorite celebrities like Beyonce and... Dr. Phil??

  • No matter who your celebrity dream crush is, you'll find stories to get you going
  • Read the best celebrity sex stories in Literotica's Celebrities and Fan Fiction Hall of Fame
  • Simple design without many frills is a modest celebrity sex story site with a message board format that allows users the chance to offer up their opinions and discuss the stories.

Check out CSL's YouTube channel for sex stories and videos like "Italian women know how to use their tits"!

  • A relatively modest collection of sex stories
  • Stories are broken down into different categories, as well as by author's names
  • One of the few celebrity sex story sites to offer wrestling stories

Not just for general erotica, if you're looking for hot fan fiction or celebrity sex stories, has you covered.

Read celebrity sex stories about your daytime TV crushes like Kelly Ripa!

  • Not the most eye-pleasing site in terms of design
  • Thousands of hot stories, covering all genres
  • Over a dozen pages of fan fiction and celebrity sex stories has lots of great celebrity sex stories about some of the most popular actresses of retro television like Markie Post from Night Court, and Danica Patrik from The Wonder Years.

Find out what Married With Children would have been like if it was X-rated in these celebrity sex stories!

  • Very limited collection of stories
  • Basic design
  • There are more than a couple Hilary Duff Sex Stories is best known for its video porn and live cams, but their sex story collection is impressive as well.

Read sex stories about hot and hip actresses like Lady Bird star, Saoirse Ronan.

  • Offers sex stories in different languages so if you want to learn some sexy expressions in French or Italian, you can
  • Survivor themed sex stories are some of the best on the site
  • Simple text-heavy navigation

Offering up a no nonsense collection of celebrity sex stories, is a solid option for fans of fan fiction erotica.

Read some of the hottest sex stories featuring actresses like Emma Watson!

  • Vote thumbs up or thumbs down based on whether or not you like the stories on the site
  • A dozen pages full of sexy celebrity sex stories
  • Sort stories by upload date, ratings, author, and more is a must read site for lovers of pop star sex stories.

Read the epic three part celebrity sex story, The Kidnapping of Justin Timberlake to find out whether or not JT would cheat on his wife under duress!

  • Simple and easy to read text-based website
  • Some stories seem to be mis-tagged, but the celebrity sex stories are extremely well-written is a site that specializes in bite-sized samples of sex stories.

Celebrity sex stories that are going to blow your mind!

  • An extremely limited number of stories, but they're hot enough to make a visit worth your time
  • Browse the site's other categories for more content
  • Offers a login program, but it isn't required to read the site
  • Simple to use search function for finding the right erotica for you


ASSTR isn't kidding around when it comes to giving you hot sex stories about your celebrity crushes.

Read about how the hottest actresses around have sex with their fans (like you!) in these highly charged sex stories!

  • Solid collection of sex stories for fans of fantasizing about hooking up with celebrities
  • Easy to browse and sort content
  • A good mix of sex stories about different types of celebrities (actresses, musicians, models, etc.) is a great forum for fans of celebrity sex stories and erotica.

Hundreds of amateur celebrity sex stories at your fingertips!

  • Interact with fellow fans and writers
  • Give feedback on sex stories that either feature your favorite celebs, or that just got you the hottest and most bothered
  • Easy search function to make finding stories about the actresses and pop stars that you want extremely simple

The Best Celebrity Sex Stories Directory -

Finding the best celebrity sex stories online doesn't have to be hard. has created a directory of the steamiest sex stories to save you time.

The Best Celebrity Sex Stories Directory -