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You know right off the bat thanks to its name, that is going to have the goods when it comes to embarrassing sex stories.

Read incredibly embarrassing sex stories like "Unwanted Boner!"

  • A mostly text-based but light and easy to browse design
  • Hundreds of user-submitted stories about their most embarrassing sexual experiences
  • Submit your own stories very easily, to join a growing group of authors

One of the best and most widely used erotica and sex story sites online, has a solid collection of humiliation porn for you to consume.

If you thought "Unwanted Boner" was an embarrassing sex story, you won't believe what Literotica has on offer!

  • has thousands of embarrassing sex stories
  • A great variety of subjects, from cuckolding to secretary slaves
  • Simple design that makes finding the right story for you quite easy isn't a dedicated to humiliation and embarrassing sex stories, but t does have an impressive collection.

More than just short sex stories, check out long form stories like An Incest Birthday!

  • Very rudimentary website without images
  • A dozen pages of embarrassing sex stories available all for free
  • Browse by subject, author, upload date

If the sex stories about humiliation on weren't fresh enough for you, has the newest in adult humiliation stories.

Sex stories like "Living Glory Hole" offer up hardcore humiliation thrills!

  • Though fresh, the site offers a rather limited selection of stories
  • The stories here are for readers looking for hardcore embarrassment and humiliation erotica
  • Very basic site design is easy to browse offers up a limited but strong selection of sex stories that focus on embarrassing sexual situations that you might be able to relate to.

Hot adult-only embarrassing sex stories like "A Slut is Born" await you at!

  • Simple to navigate site design
  • Limited content in the embarrassing sex stories category, but lots of other types of stories are available

If you're looking for a wide selection of embarrassing sex stories, will definitely give you what you're looking for (and more!).

Read sex stories about inscestual humiliation like "The Family That Cums Together Stays Together"

  • Over 30 full pages of embarrassing sex stories to satisfy even the horniest humiliation junkie
  • Stories have multiple tags so that you can see what subcategories they deal with
  • The level of embarrassment in the stories goes from mild to horrific has some of the best fantasy porn around, so of course their collection of embarrassing sex stories is going to be a good one.

Imagine your girlfriend having to undress in front of your friends when reading hot sex stories like "Girlfriend Changes In Front Of Guys"!

  • Offers hundreds of quality stories by amateur writers of humiliating fiction
  • Easy to use design

If you've ever dared visit a sex story site while at work, we don't recommend that you try it with Their embarrassing sex story collection is one of the very best, and definitely NSFW under any circumstances.

Experience the embarrassing sex story of a tourist visiting Germany, only to find themselves at a piss party!

  • Very basic but easy to navigate sex story site, full of naughtiness
  • Some stories are so full of sex that they need to be broken up into multiple parts


Sometimes the best sites are the ones that specialize in what you're looking for. HumiliationStories does just that when it comes to embarrassing sex stories.

Riana's Collection of Sissy Humiliation Sex Stories is Waiting For You!

  • A simple wordpress page, but it's overstuffed with sexy tales of humiliation to get you off
  • Easy to browse and visually pleasing to the eyes while reading is a small but still worthy of your time website that has a selection of embarrassing sex stories for you to read.

Relive the extremely embarrassing sex stories of people from all around the world!

  • A very small selection of stories
  • The site has other types of stories if you'd like to stay on the site, and check out other types of sex stories

The Best Embarrassing Sex Stories Directory-

Finding the hottest sex stories online doesn't have to be hard. has created a directory of the most embarrassing sex stories to save you time.

The Best Embarrassing Sex Stories Directory-