The Best First Time Sex Stories Directory - is a sex story site dedicated to that sometimes magical (but usually not) experience of having sex for the first time.

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  • Users put their personal information like how old they were when they lost their v, and how old they are now, as well as rank the experience
  • Read hundreds of real stories about having sex for the first time by writers from around the world

If you're a fan of online sex stories, there's a very good chance that you're familiar with Their great selection of first time sex stories make you wish you were a virgin again.

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  • Very easy to read (though basic in design)
  • Story topics range from cheerleader sleepovers to games of truth or dare gone too far
  • Stories are categorized as real and fictional is a sex story site that has a fairly modest collection of first time sex stories.

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  • Simple to navigate through the 5 or so pages of sex stories about virginities lost is one of the best online sex story sites around.

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SOC.UCSB.EDU is a site where you can send in questions for online sexperts to answer, should you be wondering about something, but don't know who to ask. They have a solid (though modest) collection of first time sex stories for educational purposes.

Read these sex stories and compare them to your first time having sex. How'd you do?

  • The site also has social media presence, if you're looking to connect with it for future reference
  • All sexualities are covered in their first time sex stories

The Best First Time Sex Stories Directory -

Finding the first time sex stories online can be a chore, so has created a directory of the hottest sex stories about virgins to save you time.

The Best First Time Sex Stories Directory -