The Best Work Sex Stories Directory - is a great site for when you're looking for a quick little sex story that doesn't take too long to read. Their work sex stories are great, so be sure to check a few out.

Don't read these workplace sex stories when your boss is around!

  • No need to sign up for a membership, with all of their stories being available for free
  • Not the most advanced looking website but the quality of the stories (especially the work sex stories really) will make you forget it though
  • Submit your own sex stories for a chance to see them included in the site's collection

With thousands of posts, users, and stories, has made its mark on the sex story scene, and their work sex stories are definitely worth your time.

Read sex stories about staying at the office late to work overtime, and ending up having sex with your co-workers!

  • Sign up if you want to use the site's more advanced features, but no membership is required
  • Considering the sex stories on the site are written by amateurs, it's truly impressive the level of talent that's on display
  • Don't let the lacklustre website design distract you doesn't have a huge collection of work sex stories but they definitely have some good ones that you're going to wish would happen to you next time you go to work and your boss calls you into their office.

Workplace sex stories are almost always fuelled by power dynamics like a boss who forces their employees to have sex with them for a raise.

  • A small collection of workplace sex stories that don't require an expensive membership to read
  • Very minimal use of images, so you need to have a good imagination to get the full impact of these steamy tales of 9-5 action
  • Lots of different related tags for when you want to make your search a little more niche is a small but very well designed and sleek sex story site that has a great selection of work sex stories ready for you to devour.

Read sex stories like "Part Time Job" about a powerful professional who finds herself single, and needing sex, so decides to take up a part time job that will help her out with that!

  • A great example of quality over quantity
  • The site also features webcams
  • No fancy membership required to read the site's stories

You aren't going to have your mind blown by but you'll appreciate a few of their workplace sex stories without a doubt.

Read sex stories about office crushes gone wrong!

  • Free to read without signing up
  • e-Books available to members though, so if you love reading your smut on your Kindle, you'll want to sign up
  • Many great work sex stories offer both male and female perspectives of office romance is an old and infrequently updated sex story website that just so happens to have some old office sex stories that have stood the test of time, and are required reading if the subject is of interest to you.

We've all had tough job interviews, but few as hard as in the sex story, "The Job Interview"!

  • No need to sign up for a membership
  • Browse stories via drop down menu with multiple genres of sex stories
  • If you're an aspiring writer, submit your own stories to the site is a down and dirty sex story site that is full of short and unembellished reader-submitted stories. They may not be the most well-written stories you've ever read, but they're hot.

Sex stories like "On the Job Training" and "Sex in the Break Room" offer both the male and female perspectives of workplace hookups.

  • Very simple site design
  • Quick stories make for a fun little sex story snack if you're short on time
  • An easy to use form makes it simple to submit your own stories is a very small website dedicated to sex stories that has a handful of stories for most types of sex stories, and workplace sex stories is no exception. Check out the handful of stories, and quickly move on.

Sex stories range from all kinds of careers, from a photographer's assistant to a plumber!

  • Extremely basic design
  • Over 20 pages of sex stories with different themes
  • Absolutely free to use, without any need for a membership

A relatively small website for sex stories, isn't one to be written off so quickly though. There are some work sex stories that are sure to turn you on with their opening paragraphs.

The three part epic, "Masturbation Office Theatre" is one of the most creative sex stories we've read.

  • One of the site's sex stories opens with the line, "Coxson & Dicster is a law firm made up of nothing but she-males..." You know you want to read it!
  • Free to read without needing a login
  • The site also offers live cam shows for when you get tired of reading isn't one of the big sites for sex stories, but it has some of the best writing that we've come across. Be sure to not pass it by without checking out what it's offering.

Dozens of hot sex stories featuring sexy co-workers like a hot MILF mail woman!

  • If you have any concerns with the stories on the site, there's a handy contact us page so you can reach the owners
  • Submit your own stories if you're a writer with a great sex story to tell
  • Very basic web design but the writing makes up for what it's lacking

The Best Work Sex Stories Directory -

Fantasizing about sleeping with your co-workers, and want to read work sex stories to get some release? has the best work sex stories for you!

The Best Work Sex Stories Directory -