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If you reside in Canada or might be visiting for a few weeks, you are in the right location for the vibrant nightlife and many attractions. But, if you really want to hook up with someone, you just got the opportunity to do so. It can be quite a daunting task to find the best Canadian hookup spots on your own because while there are many, not all of them are the best of the best. Fortunately, we have the scoop here at since we have spent a lot of time conducting the research and delving deep into the various listings of sex clubs, gay bathhouses and sex parties in Canada to ensure that the information is delivered accurately to you. When you get access to the citywide guide that we have compiled, you will see a listing of the top Canadian hookup spots such as Canada Hookup Bathhouses, Canada Hookup Sex Clubs, or other hookup spots! You can depend on us for the most accurate details.

When you want to incorporate the vibrant nightlife during your visit to Canada or if you live anywhere in Canada, you have to consider the fact that this region of the country is the second largest to others around the world. If you are not visiting for a long time, then it is likely that you won't have enough time to find the top hookup spots in each city. Therefore, we have done all the leg work for you by putting together a list of top cities where nightlife is most vibrant and lively. Ottawa is the capital of Canada as you know, but that doesn't mean that you will find what you are looking for there. It is possible that you may have to drive over to cities like Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto or Mississauga. However, in any event, you will be able to hang out with your friends in sex clubs, strip clubs, gay bars and even bathhouses. Or you can go alone to find that hookup partner you have been searching for. If you don't mind going out until you stumble upon the top spots, then you are welcomed to do so, but it will take you some time and a lot of trial and error. We made it easy for you by compiling a list of the best sex events in Canada at that you can start with, reducing your time and making it easier for you.

If you want to know beforehand where you will be going and be able to choose where you go, you will love this list. In the city of Ottawa, you will find lots of bars, sex clubs, strip clubs and bathhouses, most of which are well visited by locals and visited, but each also carry a different crowd. You will be able to enjoy live entertainment, lap dancing, pole dancing, sex parties, sex events and drag shows; just to name a few. If this is the kind of nightlife entertainment that you are looking for, you will be thrilled to have our compiled list accessible to you. In the city of Montreal, if you don't mind their curfew of 3 in the morning, you should still be satisfied that you have time to have fun anyway. Montreal has more than 300 sex clubs to choose from, but we chose the best ones so you are guaranteed to find even one where you will be entertained.

Swinger's clubs are quite popular in Canada and have been legalized now since 2005 according to a report HERE. However, these sex venues are membership only and not open to the general public.

If you are the type of person who loves to drink, then scoot on over to Old Montreal where you will find many classy hangouts and sex lounges that includes strip clubs and gentlemen's clubs and cocktail bars. Most of these hookup spots Canada offers have live music and something for everyone, no matter what your sexual preference.

In the city of Vancouver, you will also find a trendy community bursting with vibrancy and energy. Yaletown is one of the places where you will find a younger crowd to mingle with. There are also exclusive sex clubs including swinger's clubs and bathhouses in the city of Vancouver. This area is considered a hip town with lots of personality and the people are not afraid to 'let their hair down' and indulge their fantasies. So, you won't feel like you are the only one who has sexual fantasies. One of the oldest communities in Vancouver is Gastown, which has gay bars where you can either have a quick drink or spend time mingling and hitting the dance floor. In fact, this is one of the towns that is similar to the Las Vegas strip and a place where you should consider ending your night. The crowd is lively and so is the ambience.

To get a peek into the best Canadian sex events, then check out the rest of our Guide. We have researched and put together this guide to make it easier for you. You will learn things about Canada that you may not already know, even if you have been living there for a while. In our citywide guide, we have inserted some real truths about Canada that includes the climate. We have also made some excellent suggestions for Canadian Bathhouses and sex Clubs across the country. Once you take a look at these, you will check out comprehensive directory of citywide the best spots to go to. We have identified specific cities across Canada that are popular spots to visit. We have also included additional resourceful details that might help you to find even more popular Canadian sex clubs.

Real Truths About Canada

Our thing is that we want you to lighten up and have some fun while you get an inside look into Canada, learning a few real truths that you may or may not have known before. Or it is possible that you may need a refresher course into what to expect when hooking up in Canada. And so, below, we have six real truths for your knowledge and observations that you can incorporate into your wish list.


Canada Has The Longest Street: Canada is known to have the longest street in the entire world. It is called Yonge Street and it is located in the province of Ontario. The street begins at the well-known Lake Ontario and it goes through Ontario, ending at the border of Minnesota with a distance of nearly 2,000 kilometers. While we are on the topic of 'longest,' Canada also has the longest coastline in the world, being more than 202,000 kilometers. You could drive on Yonge Street and have a key fact to discuss with your hookups so you can appear as if you know your stuff!

The Simply Wild, But Not Vicious: Canada does not have any one climate since it has various topography throughout the country. The Prairie, mountains and provinces are different from the coastal areas as it relates to the climate. The eastern region also differs from the western region. Climate is always changing around the world due to global warming. However, in most instances from the month of May to September, Canada has nice outdoor weather. The weather in the prairies sometimes gets warmer at an earlier time of the year and also remains warmer later in the year. There is milder climate in the south west coast than other areas of Canada. The provinces have higher temperatures during summer, causing a lot more humidity. . You can take your hookups to ski or snow board during the months of November to the month of March. During the summer months, stay indoors at one of the members-only sex clubs that is mentioned in our guide.

Canada Has Over 500 Lakes: There are a lot of abundant things in Canada, but one to mention is the 500+ lakes that you will find there. All of these lakes are more than a hundred square kilometers. In fact, the Great Lakes have eighteen percent of fresh lake water than other lakes throughout the world. Isn't that a whole lot of water? You bet. Choose one of these lakes for your next hookup spots to go chill out after a few hours at the swinger's club.

Canada Is Known For Having Ten Percent of The Forest In The World: OK, everybody knows that Canada has a lot of trees. However, we bet you probably didn't know that there are more than 396 million hectares of wooded land and forest. There is about thirty percent in boreal forest coverage in Canada. And to top it all off, most of all that forest is owned by the public.

Canada Has Six Time Zones If you live in Canada or are going to visit, you may already know that Canada uses different time zones; actually six altogether, namely Mountain, Pacific, Eastern, Central, Newfoundland and Atlantic. The territories and provinces of Canada emulated the time zones in the United States. This took place due to the variables related to travel, trade and communications. This also will help you work out the best times to go hooking up in those sex clubs, bathhouses, swinger's clubs and strip clubs.

The Top Bathhouses In Canada


When you talk about sex clubs and bathhouses or any other hookup spots, you have to think about finding the hottest spots. Canadian bathhouses are gaining popularity because of their openness to different lifestyles and a window for exploring your fantasies. You also want to ensure you have the option of making your choice indicative to accessibility and convenience. Most bathhouses are by membership and offer a safe place to socialize, gather and be open-minded. Gay bathhouses attract a lot of people from the LBGTQ community, offering a warm welcome, comfort and an open atmosphere. There are tons of people that love gay bathhouses because of the welcoming feeling that it gives and the inclusiveness as well. Many of these bathhouses are open every day around the clock where you can schedule your own time to visit. In Canada, bathhouses are one of the most popular hookup spots to go to. We have listed several Canadian Bathhouses so you can make your own choice.

Goliath's Private Men's Club: Located in Calgary, Ontario, Goliath's Private Men's Club is a private club for only men. Yes, no women are invited. The place offers several amenities including shower, sauna, steam room, private rooms, recreational areas and hot tubs. Opened in 1987, this bathhouse is becoming more and more popular, possibly due to its ambience and the fact that it is opened every day; all around the clock.

Down Under Bathhouse: Located in Edmonton, Alberta, this is one of the most popular Canadian Bathhouses to consider because of the exceptional service being offered. The rules are strict. You cannot have sex in the hot tubs, steam rooms or saunas and you are not allowed smoking or alcohol.

Steamworks Bathhouse Mississauga: Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Steamworks Bathhouse Mississauga is one of the top Bathhouses Canada offers to its residents and visitors. This particular bathhouse has several other locations elsewhere in Canada. The amenities feature a gym, spa, sauna, steam room, hot tub, douche stations, lounge area and private rooms. It is open all around the clock and so, you can take someone there or go find someone you can hook up with. You will surely have a good time either way!

The Oasis Sauna: Located in Montreal, Quebec, Oasis Sauna is one of Canada's best Bathhouses. It has more than 10,000 square foot space, big enough to get lost in your sexual encounters without anyone knowing. There are hidden areas where you can watch porn and glory holes to get you horny. You have to be a member to enjoy the saunas, steam rooms, private rooms, hot tubs, gym and spa.

Sex Clubs In Canada: The Top Sex Clubs Nationwide To Hook Up

Sex clubs come in various forms such as swinger's clubs, strip clubs, gentlemen's clubs and sex parties. Most of them are informal, requiring an entrance fee. There are some more formal and require membership. A sex club is different from a brothel or place where prostitutes hang out. Some sex clubs operate on premises while others are off premises. Many of the ones that are categorized as on premise are usually swinger's clubs and strip clubs. Every one of these sex clubs have their own rules and so you have to check first with the one you choose to find out the rules.

Obsession Ottawa: Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Obsession Ottawa is essentially one of the posh Canada Hookup Sex Clubs in the area. Saturdays are carved out mainly for couples while Fridays is geared toward single women and men. The club has private rooms and a lounge area for sitting and chatting with your new hookup. The club is a local obsession that you, too can enjoy!

Club M4: Located in downtown Toronto, this is one of the top Canadian Sex Clubs that we have included on the list. This is an on-premise sex club where you will feel welcomed. The club has an intimate setting, which means, it will be easier to meet someone for hooking up. There is a large lounge area where you can sit and learn more about each other.

Bon Bon Club: Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Bon Bon Club is one of the ideal sex clubs Canada offers to the public. Bon Bon Club requires that patrons have a membership. Check out their adventurous and stimulating sex parties held. You will never be disappointed. It is the perfect time and venue to try out your next sexual fantasy with no apology. If you don't, the other members will.

Swinging Heaven: Located in various venues in Vancouver, Swinging Heaven is one of the favorite Canadian sex clubs around the area. Members practice hedonistic and sexual behaviors with consent from other members. Membership is free, but required in order to participate. Members carry out their fantasies with each other.

Your City Wide Guide To Hookup Bathhouses & Sex Clubs In Canada

Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg — no matter which Canadian city you live or work, did all the work for you by providing some of the best Canadian sex events around! That is what you will find below in our complete directory of citywide sex clubs in our comprehensive guide. We also have provided you with the direct hyperlinks and additional information. Listed are several cities below with the initial descriptions and then an invite to go directly to each page to read more.

Calgary Sex Clubs

Everyone knows that there are larger cities than Calgary, but that doesn't mean that Calgary's size puts it out of the limelight. It only means that you have to know how to find the best places to visit for the most fun. The city of Calgary has left the confines of country bars and cowboy bars and now opening other venues to embrace a wide range of sexualities ...Read more.

Edmonton Sex Clubs

Are you seeking an exclusive and private way to enjoy your sexual pleasures? If so, then you don't have to look too far since Edmonton's sex clubs, strip clubs, gentlemen's clubs, sex parties, sex events and swinger's clubs are all part of the landscape and have the features necessary to make it a momentous experience for you and yours... Read more.

Mississauga Sex Clubs

The city of Mississauga has both a suburb and downtown area, both of which are different like any other major city. In the suburbs, you would find more up-scale sex clubs while in the downtown areas, it is the opposite, especially when it comes to venues that cater to the adult lifestyle. The sex club scene in the suburbs seems to be much hotter than the ones you would find in the downtown area....Read more.

Montreal Sex Clubs

When you are ready to explore the city of Montreal, wouldn't it be better to know exactly where you are going and all that good stuff? Well, at, we have compiled a list of erotic places that you can choose from. This includes sex parties, sex events, sex clubs, strip clubs, swinger's clubs and gentleman's clubs. ... Read more.

Ottawa Sex Clubs

Don't count out Ottawa as having sex clubs, strip clubs, swinger's club, sex parties and gay saunas. They are located in the city of Ottawa, but just not as many as the other bigger cities. The nightlife has a heavy mix of alternative lifestyle where gays, lesbians, transgenders, queers, bi-curious, bisexuals and others... Read more.

Toronto Sex Clubs

Toronto is one of the largest cities that host many sex parties, sex clubs, strip clubs, gentleman's clubs and swinger's clubs. You will never get bored in the city of Toronto. In this city, parties are kinky, wild, sexy, hot and fun...Read more.

Vancouver Sex Clubs

Vancouver is a well known city for its relaxed atmosphere. Even though, the city of Vancouver is being described as having a relaxed atmosphere, it doesn't mean that it doesn't have a lot of excitement and wildness. In this area, the sex club and sex party scene are very hot and vibrant...Read more.

Winnipeg Sex Clubs

The sex club and sex parties in the city of Winnipeg are definitely exhilarating and stimulating. If you use our directory at, you will be pleased with all your choices ...Read more.

More Resourceful Details On Bathhouses, Sex Clubs, & Additional Hookup Spots In Canada

We have included more details related to Canadian hookup spots so you have more choices. We have already covered citywide details on hookup spots above, but the more the merrier. You now have additional choices to make outside of our guide and we are proud of providing the added resources for you. So, if you don't happen to see anything in our guide, you still have further options below. But, we are confident that our guide has an amazing directory listing of hookup ideas that includes sex clubs and bathhouses. To be fair, go ahead and sift through the information below to see if anything catches your interest.

If you have been looking and not finding any of the best hookup spots in the locations around the world, we invite you to check out our website HERE and then visit the other pages for US Sex Clubs or UK Sex Clubs!

A Directory Of Canada's Best Sex Clubs

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