The Top Bathhouses & Sex clubs In The U.S.


Are you one of those people looking for US Hookup spots like sex clubs, bathhouses and swinger's clubs, whether you are a visitor or resident of the United States? Believe it or not, these gems can be found, but will definitely need either word of mouth referral from a friend of family member or direct referral from a source like Most of the US sex clubs and bathhouses we found are superior to what you may have received by word of mouth since we have done extensive research and interviews with access to lots of testimonials. This does not mean that your family and friends are not giving you the right information. It just means that we have put more work into it and made the results better for you and that includes finding current statistics HERE where it shows that within the US nightclub and bar industry, there has been much growth for the past five years until now.

Research shows that the revenue might have been somewhat volatile during the first half of this period and as a result consumer assurance was shot and so more of these individuals chose to stay home and drink instead of going out to dance clubs and bars. Since then, the growth experienced resulted in the opposite effect where more people preferred to go out at night and have fun in clubs and bars.

For that reason, there was more competition as new bar and club operators came on the scene bringing wine bars, gay bars, cocktail lounges and pubs to the public arena. Because of all the movement in the bar and club industry, it might be hard for you to depend on the fact that most of these establishments will continue to remain open as competition increases. In the United States, both Hakkasan and XS are the top clubs in Las Vegas. Miami and New York do have top sex clubs and bars, but Las Vegas has topped it all. In fact, Club XS is the largest and is not for people who are not ready to spend money, as much as $10,000 for a VIP table and cocktail that will go upwards to $10,000 too. Go through our citywide guide and you will get a list of the most popular US hookup spots that will include top US bathhouses and top US sex clubs. Now, it is time to delve into this and discover what you will find in the City Guide.

In our citywide guide, there are five main sections: Factual Details About The U.S.A., Bathhouses: The Top Bathhouses Nationwide To Hook Up,Sex Clubs In US: The Popular Sex Clubs Nationwide To Hook Up, Hookup Spots In US: Guide To Bathhouses & Sex Clubs In Multiple US Cities, and More bathhouses, sex clubs, bathhouses & Hookup Spots In US. Within Factual Details About The U.S.A., you will get the inside scoop on hooking up with someone in the United States, but we want to make sure you get some interested facts about the region. You will be surprised that many of the facts are new to you. In bathhouses in US: The Top Bathhouses Nationwide To Hook Up, we will make some of the top US Hookup Bar recommendations. In the same way, we will provide you with sex clubs In US: The Popular Sex Clubs Nationwide To Hook Up where you will receive some good suggestions for sex clubs in the US. Hookup Spots In US: Guide To bathhouses & sex clubs In Multiple US Cities is the comprehensive citywide guide to the best US Hookup Spots with short descriptions for a better idea on some of the expected features that you might prefer. And last, but not least, the guide will list more bathhouses, sex clubs, bathhouses & Hookup Spots In US that will provided websites where you will find additional resources.

Factual Details About The U.S.A.

As we indicated in our introduction, we have provided you with some factual details about the United States that will make this experience more fun and you can feel more comfortable getting into the dating and hookup aspect of our guide. Some of the details of our fun facts might be new to you and others, you may already know. We have six fun trivia facts regarding the United States that you will find interesting and then you will have an idea of how these facts are related to Hookup Spots in the US.


Skinny Dipping Presidents and Senators: You don't have to be an exciting person to have fun in the United States because President Theodore Roosevelt and President John Quincy Adams enjoyed the idea of skinny dipping in the Potomac River back in the day. While you may not be able to get away with skinny dipping nowadays, it was no big deal in the 1800s. Sometimes, President Quincy Adams would wait until his sons were home from Harvard Law School to ask them to join him in his naughty pastime. It is also a fact that some U.S. Senators joined in the festivities by going to the Potomac themselves to swim naked and so did Billy Graham in the White House Pool with President Lyndon Johnson. Fortunately for you, there are hookup spots in the US where you can do more than skinny dip in a safe environment, if you plan to become a member of a swinger's club.

Las Vegas Margarita Pride: Las Vegas is the place where courage and flair goes hand in hand. The city has a reputation for active and vibrant nightlife action. However, it has become known for its huge and classic margaritas. There are quite a number of clubs and bars that offer amazing margaritas, but if you want to ditch the basic margaritas, it would be ideal to try something more unique and innovative. For that reason, we bring to you; the Largest Margarita made in the world was done in Las Vegas, making it to the Guinness World Record. This large margarita is said to have taken more than three hundred hours and sixty individuals to make. It was a huge 8,500 gallon in weight. The name "Lucky Rita" was the label given to it. The previous margarita that also made the Guinness World Record was also made in Las Vegas and was 7,627 gallon in weight. We have made it easy for you by providing details in our guide about the best hookup spots in Las Vegas. You will be able to access a whole list to start.

New England Sandwiches: In New England, the people there take their sandwiches much more seriously than people in other states. A dispute was resolved in 2006 where the Mexican burrito was debated whether it qualified as a sandwich or not. The dispute was admitted into trial and the judge ruled that burritos cannot be classified as sandwiches. Sandwiches are foods created using two slices of bread filled with things like cheese and meat in the middle. To the contrary, burritos are made like 'wraps' with cheese and meat fillings. So, the trial between the sandwich and the burrito proved that the sandwich won the debate. If you are taking out a hookup for a sandwich, be careful on what you decide to order.

There Are Five Million Alligators In The U.S.: Why are we talking about alligators and what does it have to do with US bathhouses and clubs? It doesn't. This is one of the real facts you might want to know about, if you are visiting any of these places. It can also be a conversation piece when you meet your potential hookup. Experts believe that there are more than 5 million alligators across the nation, especially in the south east. Florida alone has about 1.25 million of them. Some of them were discovered in Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma and the southern part of Arkansas. One interesting fact is that in Florida (which is the only place that this happens in the United States) crocodiles and alligators live alongside each other.

The Statue Of Liberty: is said to be a staple in the city of New York as you all might already know but did you know that it is debatable that the statue actually stands physically in the state of New Jersey. An additional fun fact is that the Statue of Liberty has seven rays on its crown, which is representative of seven continents. Each of these rays measure as much as nine feet long and weighs up to 150 pounds. It was October 28, 1886 that the statue was dedicated, but it was in 1924 that it actually became a National Monument. Its birthday is celebrated on the day when the President of the United States at that time accepted its place in history. Why all these facts? Well, you can use some of these fun facts to start a conversation with your potential hookup. You could even educate your date about how many steps it takes to climb to get to the Statue of Liberty. If you don't know the answer, it is 354.

Bathhouses In US: The Top Bathhouses Nationwide To Hook Up


If you are looking for the most popular bathhouses, sex clubs and sex parties in the US, you have come to the right place. In our research at, we found that US sex clubs and US hookup bars are the place where strangers meet and friends congregate to have a good fun time. Most clubs and bars in the United States that are used for hookup matches tend to open until the early morning hours and some of them even go until 6AM, depending on the state. Most of them operate during the week but many of them do so on the weekends. Every hookup bar and club have their own cocktail menu and some will have signature cocktails to choose from. We have put together a few recommendations in our Hookup Spots In US: Guide To Bathhouses & Sex Clubs In Multiple US Cities section below, which you will appreciate. But, on this page, we will only pick out five of them.

Magic City: Located in Atlanta, Magic City is one of the top US Strip Clubs in this vibrant city. It is a bathhouse with a nude bar with lots of possibilities for the swinging lifestyle. It also has a restaurant, which is opened during the day. Pay attention to the dress code at night. Check out the live nightly entertainment.

Spearmint Rhino: Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Spearmint Rhino is one of the top US Gentlemen's Club on our list. It could be described as a gentlemen's club because of the exotic dancers and private rooms available for lap dances and more. There is plenty of entertainment, if you are looking to explore your fantasies and just have fun!

The Eagle: is one of the US Gay Sex Club and bathhouses that you would want to check out on our list. It is located in New York City and is considered a gay bar, hosting some of the best gay events from this location. This bathhouse has a bar that is friendly to locals, providing a pool table for those who just want to change out and play pool.

FLEX Spas Phoenix: Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this is one of the most popular US bathhouses that also entertains the swinging lifestyle. FLEX Spas Phoenix is a hookup location with a vending machine that provides sex toys.

Banya 5: Located in the state of SeattleBanya 5 is one of the US bathhouses that always has the music up and pumping. It is one of those places that you will have guaranteed fun.

Sex Clubs In US: The Most Popular Sex Clubs Nationwide To Hook Up

We just addressed the best US bathhouses and US hookup spots and now it is time to go on to the best US sex clubs. These are often the most popular since they are probably opened later than the bars or other hookup spots. Moreover, visiting one of these clubs allows you to socialize more. It is an opportunity to dance and get wild and unfettered. You will be able to make more connections since there is closer physical contact in most cases. We have made some good recommendations you can start with, just as you did with the hookup bar suggestions. Similarly, we are listing five of the best US sex clubs below. Make sure you also check out the lone city pages in our Hookup Spots In US: Guide To bathhouses & sex clubs In Multiple US Cities section below!

Denver Swim Club: Located in the city of Denver, Denver Swim Club has caught the eye of many locals and is one of the most Popular Sex Clubs for the gay community. You can expect to see hundreds of guest flocking this bathhouse, which is a members-only club. You will have access to private rooms and towel service exclusively available for naughty members.

Hothouse Spa & Sauna: Located in Seattle, Washington, Hothouse Spa & Saunacould be viewed as one of the best US bathhouses the area. It is certainly a gay sex club that you would love, if you are not afraid to push the envelope sexually.

Club 3018: Located in Orlando, Florida Club 3018 is one of those US bathhouses that is dedicated to members only. It is on the expensive side, but well worth every penny. Everyone is open to exploring their fantasies.

The Chute: As it relates to US bathhouses, The Chute is the 'go to' club for local Phoenix residents who want to indulge in raunchy and naughty behavior. The club has the kind of environment that will allow everyone to carry out their fantasies.

Hookup Spots In US: Guide To Bathhouses & Sex Clubs In Multiple US Cities

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa -across the nation and around the world. We have done all the leg work to research and compiled some of the the best US bathhouses, US sex clubs, and more US hookup spots across local cities. Check out the directory listing below in the guide!

Atlanta Sex Clubs

Whether you are looking for sex clubs, events, bathhouses, bars and more, you will be able to find them in Atlanta! Are you new to the sex scene, or are you a veteran? No matter which category you fit into, you will fit into all of the great spots.....Read more.

Boston Sex Clubs

Whether you're new to the sex club scene and are looking to experiment or you're a pro and want to really get your kink on, you'll find the perfect spot in Boston with our directory! Before we get started with the list...Read more.

Chicago Sex Clubs

There are many interesting facts about Chicago's sex scene that a lot of people go without knowing their entire life. Today, Chicago is home to one of the largest underground sex party scenes in the whole country. A lot of the venues are private and do not have entrances that are noticeable to the public. A lot of the Chicago population likes to believe that there are only two sex/swingers clubs in the whole city, in your town....Read more.

Dallas Sex Clubs

Have you ever been to Dallas? Perhaps you've wanted to visit? Well, after reading through our listings for all the premier and sexiest clubs and parties, you'll absolutely be planning your next trip. As for locals, you may even find some new events in our directory that you haven't checked out before.....Read more.

Denver Sex Clubs

Denver has always been a super fun and fantastic city but armed with this directory, the city is better than ever! We imagine you won't be spending much time sleeping while in Denver with all of these sexy and raunchy sex clubs to check out....Read more.

Houston Sex Clubs

Whether you're a local or a tourist, chances are you're looking for something fun to do in Houston tonight. You could take in some culture or go check out a cool neighborhood. Or, instead, you could hit up one of the incredible sex clubs or sex events.....Read more.

Las Vegas Sex Clubs

They don't call it Sin City for nothing. Along with providing some of the finest gambling and entertainment experiences in the country, Las Vegas is also home to some of the most exciting sex clubs around. If you're looking to learn about the Las Vegas sex scene....Reading more.

Los Angeles Sex Clubs

Looking for the best sex events in Los Angeles? Look no further for a list of all the best LA sex clubs and events! This city is fantastic on its own and it also has one of the very best sex scenes and has some of the best sex clubs.....Read more.

Miami Sex Clubs

If you love Miami you are going to absolutely love their sex clubs and sex parties! They are the very definition of hot and sultry. We've put together a list of our personal favorite clubs, parties, and bathhouses for you to check out. We know you'll love them as much as we do!.....Read more.

New Orleans Sex Clubs

Everybody always wants to go to New Orleans to experience Mardi Gras or the food. However, after reading through our directory we hope that you want to visit for entirely different reasons! Don't worry. You can still experience all of the other great things about New Orleans. You know, in between all of the incredible sex and hookups you are going to be having.....Read more.

NYC Sex Clubs

With a sprawling metropolitan region and a flare for fun and entertainment, New York City is home to some of the most unique sex clubs in the U.S. With one of the most diverse demographics in the world, there are plenty of different clubs, parties, and communities for you to experience. You'll find out very quickly that pleasure and lust are unrelenting in the city that never sleeps...Read more.

Orlando Sex Clubs

Orlando is a party city, like many cities in Florida. What we mean by that is nearly every night is a great night to go out in Orlando. Yes, even a Monday or Tuesday! The hottest and most popular club and event nights happen on Fridays. But don't worry if you can't get out on a Friday - you can seriously find something naughty going on any night of the week!....Read more.

Phoenix Sex Clubs

There's more to Phoenix than the performing arts. If you want to enjoy the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra or visit the Orpheum Theatre, then by all means be the tourist who doesn't take a risk. A tourist who doesn't experience the true side of Phoenix; the sultry, seductive, and erotic side of the city...Read more.

Portland Sex Clubs

Whether you are looking for a sex club experience, or a hot hookup, or want to enjoy the best gentlemen's clubs around, Portland can surely deliver. With 54 adult clubs (and counting), you are bound to find yourself enjoying some type of sexually-charged experience should your heart desire it...Read more.

San Diego Sex Clubs

There are a lot of great cities in California but if we're being honest San Diego is definitely one of our faves. This is because of the incredible sex scene that the city has! You'll see what we mean when you start reading through our directory....Read more.

San Francisco Sex Clubs

San Francisco has a great bunch of sex clubs where you are able to go as a couple or as a single. No matter if you are going in alone or with another person or other people, you will have a great time and will always be able to find what you're looking for....Read more.

Seattle Sex Clubs

Whether you're a Seattle local or just visiting the city, a sex party is a MUST. And Seattle definitely has some fun ones! We were super impressed with how intense and explicit some of the sex parties can get....Read more.

Tampa Sex Clubs

There is something super special about Tampa, Florida! We think it's a combination of the location, locals, and of course the sex clubs and sex events offerings! You won't find sexual activities like these anywhere else in the United States that's for sure...Read more.

More Bathhouses, Sex Clubs, & Hookup Spots In US

Now, we have come to the end and we are hoping that the guide lived up to our expectations for you to find a good US hookup bar, club or other hookup spot. To recap, our Hookup Spots In US: Guide To bathhouses & sex clubs In Multiple US Cities section that you will see above, allows you access to more than 20 pages of details on hookup spots in the United States. Our research has provided all the most popular hookup spots in the United States and we guarantee that you will definitely find something of interest to you. We have included a few additional resources you will see below. guides you through its directory channel where you will find some of the most popular hookup spots in the United States and around the world.

Want to check out the best hookup spots in more countries globally? Go to the main Sex Clubs Index Page or other web pages specifically geared towards Canadian Sex Clubs or UK Sex Clubs!

The Top US Sex Clubs In The Country guides you through its directory channel where you will find some of the most popular sex clubs in the United States and around the world.

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