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A Brief History of Adult Sex Toys

Check out this interesting history on each of your favourite sex toys. Learn some interesting facts you didn't know about before!

Brief History of Dildos

You might not yet be aware of this, but the dildo has been around for tens of thousands of years. The first dildo that we're thus far aware of dates back to the Paleolithic era, and was made of siltstone (eek). What its exact purpose was (pleasure or religious) remains up for debate, but it's more than likely that it was the the former. Before the major religions of the day were a thing, and sexuality because something to hide, there were civilizations who were much more open about their sexuality, and didn't really see it as something that anyone should need to feel ashamed of, so finding dildos that date back to these times isn't as surprising as we might think.

The cool thing, is how many different variations (that we are aware of) actually existed at this time already. Ancient civilizations definitely liked to get their freak on!

The Romans and Greeks, unsurprisingly, were definitely quite open with their sexuality, and through their worship, even had festivals and parades where fertility and sex were actually celebrated, and there were rituals that included parades with phalluses raised up and ultimately crowned by a beautiful maiden, with a wreath of flowers. Fertility and sexuality were definitely something to be celebrated at that time, and absolutely nothing to be hidden or ashamed of. Sexuality was seen as a normal part of life, and celebrated as such.

It is also definitely true that the Greeks and Romans were known for using sex toys such as dildos for pleasure. The Romans are even suspected of having invented the two-way dildo. The thought is that the tool was used with friends, which is entirely plausible. Greeks were the first, that we know of, to use animal products, covering dildos, to create a more naturally pleasurable experience. Those Greeks and Romans were definitely ahead of their time - or maybe present day society has simply fallen back. Who knows?

The Chinese also brought a lot to the table when it came to innovation for the self-pleasuring of females. Cast of metals including bronze, the Chinese dildos were given to the wives of Chinese men who had married too many to pleasure on a regular basis. It was thought that this would keep them faithful to their husbands. It was also thought that it would keep the women from resorting to lesbianism. Some of these dildos were so advanced, that they even released liquids. Hard to believe, for the time, but it's true!

The history of sex toys is quite a fascinating one, and definitely worth more of a look. You might be surprised at what you learn!


Brief History of Lube

It really shouldn't surprise anyone at all the one of the first known personal lubricants, dating back to 350 BC, was actually olive oil. This would definitely have been the most sensible item to use at that time, when sex toys would likely have been covered with leather, or other animal parts that would easily dry out. This was definitely a time when STD's and avoiding pregnancy wasn't at the top of anyone's to-do list.

In and around the 1600's the Chinese came up with the first flavored lube, that was made from Chinese yams. Hmmmm...maybe that's where Grace & Frankie got their idea for their yam lube. The Chinese culture was definitely into using animal intestine condoms at this time though, and they would lube them up with a lube that was made from yams and used for both masturbation and intercourse. Nothing wrong with that!

Alright! Now lets start getting into more recent history, and the birth of silicone. This came at the end of the 1800's, thanks to a chemist by the name of Frederic Kipping. This led to all kinds of innovations, including synthetic rubber and silicone-based lubricants. Definitely a major step forward in the world of lube!

Of course, you knew they were coming, and they came to be in the 1900's - Vaseline and KY Jelly! Vaseline is a petrol by-product, and KY Jelly actually originated as a surgical lubricant. It became apparent that this was an amazing product, and it gained so much popularity, that there was ultimately a non-sterile version was basically demanded. It came out the same year! Water-based lube is still the way to go today!

Brief History of Strap-Ons & Penis Extenders

Yes, they've been around for a lot longer than you might think! Don't doubt for a minute that these currently popular items are new by any means, the date back to the 3rd century, and were made from incredibly expensive materials like ivory, sliver, and gold. These popular toys were used for both male and female pleasure.


Brief History of Condoms

Condoms haven't been around for as long as some of the sex toys we've discussed, but they've definitely been around longer than you might think!

The first solid record of condoms came out in about 1564, and they came to be due to an outbreak of syphilis, which was a major problem back then. Syphilis actually killed people during this time, and there was a need for a solution! Naturally, an Italian doctor by the name of Gabriele Falloppio, created the solution. A crude method by today's standards, these condoms were made of linen, soaked in chemicals, and placed over top of the penis (held by a ribbon), and found to be successful in the prevention of the spread of syphilis.

This was just the beginning, however!

The Renaissance brought more than just good vibes and art as well. This time also brought innovations in the creation of condoms, including condoms made from the bladders and intestines of animals. Leather became the upscale material of choice, and the best were produced at the time and introduced by the Dutch. These became the ultimate method of birth control in the west, and by this time, you could get them with ease at many different places including theaters, pubs, barber shops, markets, chemist shops, and more! This definitely changed the game, and turned the condom into a mainstay in society. Luckily we've managed to improve upon the crude designs, and make condoms even more effective than they've previously been.


Brief History of Vibrators

Vibrators are a little bit newer than the other items that we've talked about, and they definitely made a splash (pardon the expression) when they entered the market in the late 1800's. If you can believe this, Vibrators were first used as medical tools. What for, you ask? Well, they were to treat 'female hysteria'. They were useful for other ailments as well! Some of the other ailments that vibrators were able to treat included arthritis, tumors, inflammation, and more! Who says vibrators are only useful for one thing, right?

The use of health and beauty as advertising tools to promote vibrators in women's magazines in the 20th century was an interesting approach. Ultimately though, their multiple uses, including use in pornography couldn't be ignored by the mainstream, and they were forced to head underground along with so many other great sex toys at that time. They were definitely still in high demand, though!

After this time ended, things leveled off for a little bit, but that could only last for so long, because the 80's were just around the corner, and when they came, they changed everything - for good! The 90's normalized these changes, and it was no longer taboo to talk about using your vibrator, or what kind you preferred to use. From movies to television, and beyond, the vibrator managed to find its permanent place in pop culture. Thank goodness for that, because now, there are more and more varieties to choose from, and you can get them just about everywhere now!

From Safeway to Walmart, you can pickup your sex toys, and also have an amazing variety to choose from. Whether you prefer silicone, rubber, plastic, vinyl, or whatever your preference, there are more types and varieties of sex toys to choose from at these common places than there ever were anywhere else. Even the shape has managed to evolve, and people have come up with some incredible new ideas that can provide maximum pleasure, with minimum effort. There is really no limit these days to what the vibrator can do, and how many areas it can pleasure at once. All you have to do is imagine your ultimate pleasure, and you'll be able to look up exactly the toy that will please you with ease.


Information on the Benefits of Sex Toys

This seems like a funny thing to talk about because it seems pretty obvious, right? That's not necessarily the case, though. Upon doing further research, you might be surprised with some of the benefits offered that you may not have previously been aware of!

Experience Pleasure You've Never Considered: If you're experiencing difficulty when it comes to achieving orgasm through sex, intercourse, oral, etc, then a vibrator might just be the one thing that can get you off. It's more common than you might think to be unable to achieve orgasm, and even though it may seem altogether hopeless, you can be sure that a vibrator will open new and unexplored doors for you.

Orgasms Make You Feel Better Overall: Enjoy an amazing amount of orgasms when you used your vibrators, and keep releasing a healthy amount of endorphins into your body, that will ultimately enable you to feel better overall. The more you orgasm, the better you will feel overall, and that is definitely worth the time and effort that it takes to get creative with the pleasure your favorite vibrator can bring.

Enjoy Better Health: People who lead sexually fulfilling lives live longer, and it's not much of a secret as to why that is. Sex and orgasms are a natural part of life, and the more you fulfill your bodies needs, the longer you can expect to thrive and feel well in your life. You can expect to enjoy benefits such as better mood, reduced depression, lower risk for certain types of cancer, and overall, a longer and happier life. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it's definitely not! The more you orgasm, the better you feel, the more you can enjoy your life, and the longer you can enjoy it for. When it comes to the best things in life, it doesn't really get much better than this!

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Some Interesting Sex Toy Statistics

  • Estimates place the total yearly market for sex toys at over $15 billion!
  • Men and women love sex toys equally, with pretty even purchasing statistics.
  • More than half of all women have used sex toys.
  • Countries who search for sex toys online the most are the US, UK, and South Africa
  • 35% of the population of New Zealand own at least one vibrator.
  • Sex toys have made appearances in in the bedrooms of over 81% of adults.
  • The most popular sex toys ordered online are lube, dildos, and vibrators.
  • Single women are actually less likely to own a sex toy than married women
  • Using sex toys can bring about health benefits.
  • Sex toys come in more styles and types that you can imagine

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